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Nataliya Rudenko

At this moment I am not married. God has entrusted me with the leadership of the childrens ministry.

My life was not bright before meeting God. I, together with my sisters and brothers, was left to survive. School and the streets raised us. While I was a teenager, I was thinking about the essence of my life and it was at that time that I heard about God. I reconciled with God and was baptized when I was 18 years old. My ministry is to bring the gospel to children, teach them to walk with God and trust Him, and to raise new leaders for working with children.

My vision is to raise more people who would like to work with children (especially brothers). I want to have a powerful team of childrens ministers. I want to have different interesting programs for children and their parents. I want children learn to serve God from their childhood. Childrens ministry in Fimiam Church covers thousands of children inside and outside our city. I dream about short-term mission trips to Africa for social ministry to children and to bring them the gospel of love. I want to be a teacher from God, to see and understand people, and to direct them to Jesus Christ. I try not to quit on what I have done already and to press forward.

My life credo is it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. I want to live for Gods glory and bring hope to people.


Fimiam Baptist Church 2012
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