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History of the church:

During the Soviet authority, one Christian family moved to the area of LPZ (at that time it was just the outskirts of town). In times of atheism, when people believed in the Party, Darwin and in the light future, there were many tribulations in the lives of Christians. They were not allowed to talk about their faith that changed their lives and could change the lives of others. But Christians believed that God would provide freedom for preaching the gospel of salvation. Once, the head of this family responded to insults at the collective farm meeting by saying, I believe that there will be more believers and evangelical churches, where people can receive salvation from their sins. Over the years, the author of these words passed away, but God is faithful to His promises. He brought Fimiam Church in response to the prayers of Vlasyuk family.

In 1995, a group of young people, having a great desire to tell young people about salvation, were looking for a place to hold a Christian youth club in Lutsk. They were recommended a place in one of the dormitories. On September 17th, Fimiam Christian youth club meeting began (the second of its type in Ukraine).

Over 1.5 years, more than 50 young people believed in Jesus. They were the reason for planting of a new youth church. That occurred on February 16, 1997. The responsibility for the church was entrusted to the pastor Volodymyr Savych and Pavlo Myronyuk, an organizer and missionary of the church. There were 17 members of the newly planted church. Currently, Fimiam Church has 246 members and more than 400 people who visit the church weekly. The Christian youth club continues its work. Now the youth meetings are called 51st Parallel. Many young people attend the meetings for youth because they can have a good time and see and hear something interesting ... they hear the truth about Jesus Christ: the reason for His coming to earth, of His death and of His resurrection!

Currently there are many different ministries in our church (see "Church Life"). Children, teenagers, young adults, families, alcohol-and drug addicts, people with disabilities, men, women, people who are homeless and businessmen all have the opportunity to hear about salvation ... Everyone needs Jesus and that is why we serve different social categories of people and give help where there is a need.

It was through a love for people that a significant event happened in our church in 2000 ministry to people with drug addiction began. Initially we held prevention meetings in schools. But, becoming more and more aware of the problem of drug addiction and watching the growth of addiction to drugs among youth, we saw a need to establish the rehabilitation center for drug addicted people.

Fimiam Church has already planted other churches, including God's Design, Calvary, Pearl, Grace, Salvation, and we continue to work to plant new churches in cities and villages in our region.

An important part of the ministry of Fimiam Church is social projects: the construction of yards, helping families with children with disabilities, humanitarian assistance for needy families, working with people with disabilities, food aid for lonely people. We have plans to build a playground for the children on the land adjacent to the church. The government has granted this piece of land specifically for this purpose.

In 2003, Fimiam Church established Volyn Regional Charitable Foundation (VRCF) Transformation for the purpose of carrying out social and charitable projects by people who share Christian values. The foundation is involved in evangelistic and social work in the rehabilitation of alcohol and drug addicts, works with people with disabilities, holds prevention programs in the city and region, carries out preparation of preschoolers in a small school, works with people who are HIV-positive, works with national minorities, provides education of leaders and works with children, teenagers, youth and families. This important ministry is possible because of the production studio, "The Truth About" - which is a division Transformation that makes preventative films and brochures on current social issues.

Everything we do today will be a history tomorrow. So history continues and we make it!


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