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Camps provide favorable conditions for the acceptance of Jesus Christ and growing deeper in Him. Since 1999, Fimiam Church has held children's camps. Almost 750 children have been saved during camps. Children remember their joy, pleasures and positive emotions for a long time after the camps. Children not only have physical rest in the camp, but they hear about such Christian values as love for God and their neighbor, respect and obedience to elders, diligence in study and the opportunity to be winners in this life.


Since 2008, we began to hold camps in a new way - in tents. Even though it is hard to imagine children ages 9 to12 living in the tents during different weather conditions, experience has shown us that the difficulties may be forseen and overcome. We have a material base that solves the issues of water and gas consumption, general meetings, meal preparation and hygiene. Tent camps reach the same goals as previously and they are at least 2-3 times cheaper than regular ones.


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