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Room for children under 3 years of age


We take care of children during church services. Children have a great opportunity to play with toys while their parents are at the service. They play different games to develop their memory and attention.

Town for Children for preschool children 4 to 6 years of age



Bible studies are conducted for children aged 4 to 6. Children study the Bible through listening and reproduction of the material heard through games and crafts. Each lesson is special. Children learn how to make friends, love God and obey their parents. They drink tea, play, receive presents and celebrate birthdays together. The most important thing is that they hear Bible stories. Children also learn how to give offerings and there is a special place where they put what they bring.

Responsible: Yaroslava Samruk, Nadiya Gavrylyuk.



Goal of the club: We want to become friends with children who visit our meetings. Our desire is to show that Jesus is the best and real friend who can teach children to love God and honor parents.


Children club invites boys and girls from 6 to 11 years of age. Each meeting is a holiday. This year children studied the curriculum Lets Build Our House with Jesus. Each time children receive homework and study the Bible at home. On Sundays, there are interesting groups during the club: cooking, drawing, games, Puppet Theater and crafts. Children are very excited that each month they have a new interest group. Of course, each Sunday new bible stories are told to children and teachers explain the practical way to apply the truth of the Bible. Each child is very important and valuable.


Our plans and vision for 2009:
1. Teach children how to serve:
- teach during church services (1 per month);
- twice a year children do crafts with children with disabilities;
- visit elderly home (twice);
- visit children with special needs in Rozhyshche;
- charitable concert for children with special needs.

2. Teach children how to offer:
- 1 Cent box for all children from the club;
- monthly offerings 30 cents;
- Christmas present box for children in Perespa village.

3. Create an atmosphere of warmth and love:
- name tack for each child;
- monthly birthday celebration.

4. Ministry of the team:
- visit sick people;
- visit elderly ladies.

5. Recreation time for children:
- trip to forest;
- general meetings (discussion groups, New-Year carnival).

6. Involvement of new leaders and helpers:
- announcement during church services and in hand-outs.


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