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Help to children from poverty stricken families
Help to children from poverty stricken families (project from Heart mission)



Goal of the ministry: To show Jesus Christ to children by ministering to them and sharing the Gospel. There are 15 families which receive help every month (package of food). We pray for these families, share our testimonies, and pay close attention to them. We invite children to visit Crafty Hands studio, which serves people with disabilities. These families visited family camp this summer. On their birthday, children order a present they want.

This project is sponsored by Christians abroad.

Vicotor Rykovskiy is responsible for the ministry to children from poverty stricken families.

Plans and vision: introduce children and parents to Jesus Christ.

1. Conduct team planning meetings twice a month.
2. Pray and fast for children and their parents.
3. Congratulate families on holidays: Christmas, Easter, and birthdays.
4. Spend a day in the forest (beginning of May).
5. Suggest home Bible study for children through mail.
6. Suggest writing down prayer requests and praying for other children.


Fimiam Baptist Church 2012
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