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Goal: Tell children about God, involve them in church and ministry, reach children and families.

1. Conduct general meetings (October, February, May).
2. Organize picnic in the park near a specialized school in May.
3. Conduct tests 4 times a year.
4. Organize fairs during meetings.
5. Introduce mail Bible study in church after each general meeting.
6. Congratulate children on their birthdays via phone calls.
7. Conduct interesting events: November Jesus loves Ukraine, May Mothers Day (invite mothers) presents from children (poems, songs, etc).
8. Send out a questionnaire to get to know the family of a child better.
9. Make bookmarks with prayer requests for mail Bible study.
10. Pray once a month for each child.

Children aged 4-16 may study the Bible per letters. Each month 4 lessons are sent to a child and the child does the lessons with the help of the Bible. Children receive points for the homework. During general meetings, children exchange their points to receive presents.

Lessons are elaborated for each age group. Children can study in the Mail Bible club for 3 years and then go to more complicated lessons.

General meetings are held in autumn, winter and spring. We sing songs, do crafts, play games and discuss interesting topics.

For example, in autumn 2008 there was a meeting entitled Do you have it? We were thinking about the power to overcome sin, smoking and saying bad words and how to keep the heart clean. These meetings are very important, because children have time for fellowship and spiritual growth.

People involved in Mail Club Bible treasury include Victoriya Gavruk, Maya Polinchuk, Nataliya Semenuyk, Oxana Kupriyanova.


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