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Celebrate Recovery represents the needs of mankind in the healing of a person through faith in Jesus Christ. Taking the Beatitudes as a foundation, the program helps people to resolve their problems. It helps participants meet together in church and show care, acceptance, trust and grace.

The training plan and program are based on establishing friendly relations. It brings glory to Christ.

Celebrate Recovery intends to help people to repent and experience spiritual renewal, which is based on a Christ-centered life. It leads to further spiritual healing and growth in knowledge and service to God.

The program is aimed at people with different addictions: drug and alcohol addiction, chemical addiction, co-addiction, eating disorders, financial addiction, sexual addiction, gambling addiction, etc.

The program consists of 3 components, each of which serves a unique purpose in the spiritual renewal of people.

During general meetings there is an opportunity to worship and glorify God, to listen to materials about healing, and to hear the testimonies of former addicts.

Discussion groups are divided by sex and type of addictions in order to provide opportunities to share problems in a friendly atmosphere. Small groups are held after the large group class.

Group titled 12 Steps are conducted separately for men and women and are dedicated to various areas of healing. Participants discuss questions from the textbook and share answers during the group.

The program began on January 10, 2009 and takes place at Fimiam Church.

This project is possible through cooperation with Saddleback Church in the USA. We were excited to see what God was doing through this project in the USA and were ignited to start it in Fimiam Church, Ukraine.

Celebrate Recovery" history

On January 10, 2009 first meeting on "Celebrate Recovery" took place in Fimiam Church in Lutsk. There was a presentation of the program, general meeting and open small groups. There were 30-40 people on the first meeting and the number of the participants grew to 50-60 people.

We began to form "Twelve steps", closed small groups. Four groups were formed: two for ladies (for chemical addicts and co-addicts) and two for men (for chemical addicts and addicted from anger). The total number of people attending closed small groups is 40.

Having talked with pastors, we decided to have "Twelve steps" small groups right after general meetings and lead open groups for those who are not involved in closed groups. This decision was made because many activities occupy church facility and many ministers are involved in other ministries. We always have fellowship with coffee and tea after the meetings.

After seven months of work the number of closed group participants reduced, especially in groups for men. Only six men left out of twelve. Two new "Twelve steps groups" were formed for men (chemical addicts and addicts from anger).

Many drug and alcohol addicts who visited "Celebrate Recovery" are in the rehabilitation center now. We cooperate with "Transformation" rehabilitation centers in Lutsk, in Kuznetsovsk, in Rivne and in Ostrig.

Every Saturday we have general meeting and six "Twelve steps" small groups. We have also two open groups (for ladies and for men). Fifty-five through sixty-five people visit the project regularly.

Our leadership team consists of 13 people. We gather together at 9 a.m. every Saturday for prayer and fellowship. We pray for new leaders and helpers for this ministry. We ask you also to pray for "Celebrate Recovery" project in Lutsk: for new people visiting our project and for new leaders and helpers.

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