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Olya Kichkina

She was born in an intelligent family. She was surrounded with her parents attention, care and love. Her parents are honorable people. They tried their best to bring her up to be a good person. They were really good examples to follow. Her mother tried to keep her away from the influence of the streets and bad friends. Olya studied well at school and finished with only the best grades. She began to smoke and tried to hide it from parents and relatives. She thought that smoking made her more powerful in her circle of friends.

She had a childhood dream to become veterinarian and treat animals. After school, her parents helped her to enter the institute in the veterinary faculty in Odessa. She was far from home and the life of youths was very attractive to her. There were many places to go for fun in the seaport city: bars and night clubs for wine with new friends. As a result, drugs came into her life. The influence of drugs was light and pleasant at the beginning. Soon everything changed. She was not interested in studying. Drugs were the priority.

Her professors noticed the changes. They informed her parents and excluded from studying. Her parents took her home. They helped her to recover physically and brought her back to studying. Even thought her mother was sitting next to her during classes, she still thought about drugs and made plans to get them. Her parents helped her to graduate from the university. She came back to her city and began to work according to her specialty. Olyas job gave her the opportunity to buy drugs. Her dream, treating animals, was not interesting any more. Everything she had previously strived for was not interesting. As a modern girl, she was not interested in normal relationships. She lost her friends and did not care about her parents. Even thought they loved their daughter, her constant lies pushed them away. She spent most of her time in the streets, looking after herself. She lived in steps, doorways, cellars and attics. She did not recognize herself and that was an awful thing.

When her mother let her in to feed and wash, she kept saying, You need to change your life. You cannot do it on your own. Only Jesus can help you. Olya understood that she could not quit doing drugs, but she did not believe that someone could help her, the One who had not seen her and about Whom she knew nothing. She met people who previously had the same problems but had become free from drug slavery. They told her about Christ Who was able to help her. Olya began to visit church. She understood more and more about God and that He can change her life. She took a step forward: she knelt before Him and asked forgiveness for all her sins. She felt a burden fall off her shoulders. Her soul found the peace that she was looking for earlier. God freed her from different addictions and gave her new life. He restored her relationship with her parents and gave her new friends, a husband and a child

Her story is not the only one. These stories are truthful. Olya Kichkina does not live with drugs. God is her life. He really can change peoples lives. He is the only One who gives hope and peace for those in need. If a person asks, and make steps forward to God, He will surely answer.


Fimiam Baptist Church 2012
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