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Ivan and Galyna Vegery

Recently I found a card that made me look back and ponder my life. Our children congratulated us on our 20th anniversary and recited a funny poem to us. We were sad (we have lived so many years already) and joyful (our children are grown up already) at the same time. Now they live separate from us in other city. We are also older now. I thought about how I would raise our children different to prepare them for being grown up. But I cannot bring time back

I do want my children be happy. We lived our lives for them and were involved in their sadness, problems and concerns. All our time we gave to them. Life was busy so we tried to make our children busy visiting different interest groups. We did everything possible to make them happy. We did not understand at that time that we tried to keep our children safe from evil, disappointments and the reality of life on our own. We did not teach them the most important thing because we did not know it either.

We rejoiced over our children entering higher educational establishments and graduating successfully. Our childrens friends were also well raised and sure to have bright futures. Everything seemed to go well, but we did not ask God to protect our children.

It was like a movie: days and nights were full of tears because of my grandsons death. I thought my life was over. Pavlyk was such a nice and cute boy. We cried over years. Other problems came into our life and we could not hide from them. I could not find peace in Poland or the Czech Republic. There were only dark thoughts, unspoken questions, and hard work. I began to pray and read the Bible at that time. God revealed to me that I needed to come to church. I came to Fimiam Church because I had heard that Christians live there without alcohol and study the Bible.

It was new to be in the hall of School #24, the place where Fimiam Church gathered together. The smiles of young people created a welcoming atmosphere. They called each other brothers and sisters and had friendly fellowship. There were a few older ladies in the church and they also were very friendly when meeting each other. I was impressed that people did not hide their problems and that they prayed for each other. They confessed their sins. I felt so thirsty for the Bible that I wanted more and more of the Word through prayer and personal Bible reading. This book that once was so difficult for me became close to me. I wanted to study it even though I was not young. I wanted to know why God loved us so much that He gave His only Son to die for us. He shed His blood to cover our transgressions. I was so ungrateful. I knew so little about Him. It was in tears of despair and after many sleepless nights that I came to repentance and faith.

Then I was baptized. I received the joy of a life with Jesus and assurance that God hears me and helps me. Everything that comes from Him works for good for His children. All my treasures are in heaven because that is where my heart is. I regret that I did not come to Christ earlier in life. I could serve the Lord more if I was young. I could raise my children in awe of God.

Our daughter, having gone through trials, also believed in God and she now lives with Him. She praises God together with her husband.

My husband attended the Orthodox Church and tried to earn salvation with his good deeds. He knew about God since childhood. The times of communism and the persecution of Christians made his desire to know God grow colder. Many times he was invited to Fimiam Church. My Ivan answered, Maybe I will come but it is not time yet. The time of trials came. The things that happened to him changed his life completely. He burned both of his eyes while working in the garden. He spent some days in the regional hospital and afterwards went to an institute names after Filatov in Odessa where he had an operation. There were two weeks of complete darkness, waiting for something better to come. Then the light appeared in this darkness. You need to come to God, repent and be His child. He felt the power of prayer during all of the time he was in the hospital. Fimiam Church and other churches were praying for him. The grace of God was with us. The doctor once said, Without God we can do nothing. His sight returned after another operation. He repented on Thanksgiving Day in Fimiam Church. Now we read the Bible together, study and visit church services. During the second shift we take care of children whose parents come to church. We pray for parents who have disobedient children. We pray for our nation of Ukraine. We want Ukrainian people come down before God because only He can give us happiness!

Were do you go? Were do you go? Stop!
You could not run away from yourself. You will not run away from God. Bow down!
This world is full of evil and you live in it. Pray!
Do not play with God. Listen to His orders. Be submissive!
Are there not enough tears? Are there not enough wounds? Confess!
He will reach everything from the bottom. Repent!
Pray day and night, during the day or night. Beg!
Beg, seek, go, and find a spring. Discover!
Drink, drink to crystal, to shine, to love Do it!
Unapproachable to darkness embrace others. Do it!

Galyna Vegera


Fimiam Baptist Church 2012
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